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Walking Route:Health Walk - Vauxhall Fields Walk

Route Overview

Please see PDF below for route map.
This is an easy walk with no stiles and one footbridge. Points of interest include the site of a water-powered forge built on the River Monnow at Osbaston in the 12th Century. In 1899, Monmouth Corporation built one of the first, publicly-owned electricity generating stations here. The current power station is owned by the Old Manor Electric Company; it uses two ‘Archimedes Screws’ to generate about 670 megawatts of electricity per year, enough to power 150 homes.
A mill first operated on the site of The Mill House (now a private house) in 1448. Corn was milled here from then until the early 20th century, when it became an engineering workshop.

Route Information

Time/Effort 1 out of 5
Navigation 1 out of 5
Technicality 1 out of 5
Toilets In Monmouth Leisure Centre.
Refreshments In Monmouth town centre.

Route Details

In medieval times, a burgage was a property rented out by the King or a Lord. A burgage usually consisted of a house with a long, thin garden behind. The original buildings and plots of the Monmouth burgages have been subsumed into other properties over time so that now, only the name remains.

Route Essentials

Duration: 1.75

Miles: 2

Vauxhall Fields (photo - Chris Brown)

Vauxhall Fields (photo - Chris Brown)

Vauxhall Fields Walk