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Planning and managing events can be a challenging yet very rewarding process, which can lead to a whole range of positive outcomes for the individuals and organisations who host them and for the venues and locations in which they take place. However events do not simply just happen, they require careful and considered planning from start to finish.

Events require the assembly of teams of people with a range of skills, applicable to the type and scale of the event being planned, with clear lines of authority, decision making and control. In addition to the team planning and managing the event, it is also necessary to identify and work with other stakeholders and interested parties to ensure the successful delivery and on-going sustainability of events. Without this external support many events will struggle to achieve their potential.

From the outset you must have clear aims and a purpose to your event and ideally quantify these into more specific objectives, which will facilitate later performance monitoring and evaluation. You must also be clear of what the event is and who it is for. Understanding your target audience and other stakeholder’s needs is critical to effective event design and long term success, which can only be achieved through building events around all their needs.

The different sections of this event toolkit are designed and intended to offer guidance and advice for the different phases of the planning process, but for those who are new to event planning this guide is not intended to be used in isolation. Please use the links provided to find out more details where appropriate and if in doubt seek specialist advice. There are a range of specialists in all areas of events management who can assist and advise in getting your project off to a flying start.

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