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Introduction to Event Management

Research by Visit Wales has shown that visitors enjoy discovering and experiencing different lifestyles and how people in other countries live. So visitors to Wales want to discover what makes Wales distinctive and special, and what it means to be Welsh.

Their research also suggests that, if you can develop a Sense of Place, it can boost your business and your event, enhancing your status in a fiercely competitive market. Sense of Place is defined by the natural and man-made features and produce of your area. Knowing Monmouthshire can also inspire and empower you to preserve aspects of the local environment.

Therefore, it makes sense to work with those things that are distinctly local - visitors today are more sophisticated and well-travelled and they will often look for samples of products from the local area, such as the availability of local produce on the menu.

The benefits of using local products are immediate and far-ranging. As a tourism business or event organiser, you will gain from adding value and improving your competitiveness and profitability. Engaging with a Sense of Place can also open up new resources and a range of different development ideas; it may also create more involvement between your business or event and the local community - which might aid job creation, regeneration and destination distinctiveness.

How is a Sense of Place developed?

People develop a Sense of Place through experience and knowledge of a particular area. A Sense of Place emerges through knowledge of the history, legends, geography, geology, flora and fauna of an area. Through time, shared experiences and stories help to connect place and people and can create a local culture which makes places, like Monmouthshire, unique from other places. This creates something special for communities and visitors, especially when that identity is celebrated at festivals and events.


This toolkit is designed to provide an online resource for event organisers to encourage best practice in event management including the promotion of sense of place and local food and drink. The intention is to encourage event organisers to deliver an improved and more distinctive Monmouthshire visitor experience across all events in Monmouthshire. Interpreting a Sense of Monmouthshire to visitors through your events should:

  • Provoke curiosity and interest
  • Reveal a memorable message
  • Relate to and resonate with your visitors
  • Celebrate the unique aspects of Monmouthshire

You can use this toolkit in conjunction with the Sense of Monmouthshire toolkit to:

  • Discover more about Monmouthshire and the event planning process
  • Define your intended market and event objectives
  • Design your event using the guidance and links provided
  • Deliver an event which provides a distinctive Monmouthshire visitor experience

Events Management Toolkit Contents

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