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In 2019 2.28 million visitors came to Monmouthshire, generating almost £245 million for the local economy.

% change for Monmouthshire compared with the SE Wales averages as below (2017-18):

Economic impact (% change) +3% (+ 0.8% growth South East Wales average)
Visitor numbers (% change) -2.8% (+0.9% South East Wales average)
FTEs (% change) =) +0.7% (-1.3% South East Wales average)
Spend per visitor day (% change) +3% - £70.98 spvd (-0.3% - £58.66 spvd South East Wales average)

The % increase for Monmouthshire between 2017 and 2018 was well above the regional average for economic impact and FTEs. Spend per visitor day (spvd) also increased more than the regional average showing that visitor yield grew more in Monmouthshire over this period. FTEs and spend per visitor day between 2017 and 2018 also showed greater growth in Monmouthshire compared with the Wales average.

The increase in visitor yield was driven by strong performance in the staying visitor sector. Visitor numbers to serviced accommodation increased by 6.4% and those to non-serviced accommodation by 10.0% - both of these are significantly higher than the South East Wales averages of 1.2% for serviced and 3.7% for non-serviced accommodation. Since 2012, the annual number of staying visitors to Monmouthshire has increased by 21% , with 91,000 extra visitors in 2018 compared with 2012.

Monmouthshire's tourism performance is measured using STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor).

Download 2019 STEAM summary and full report.

Monmouthshire's Destination Management Plan

Monmouthshire County Council has given the go-ahead for a strategy to guide tourism development and marketing and management to attract visitors to the county for the next three years.

The county's new Destination Management Plan was approved by cabinet on Wednesday 10th January 2018. It provides the opportunity for public, private and voluntary sectors to work in partnership and deliver year round sustainable tourism growth across all parts of the county. It replaced a previous plan that was published in 2013.

Tourism is vital to Monmouthshire’s economy and generates income to support a wide range of businesses that benefit from spending by visitors. According to figures supplied by tourism economic indicator STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor), the sector brought in £219 million to Monmouthshire in 2018 and supported the equivalent of 2,989 full-time jobs, accounting for approximately 10% of the workforce. Each visitor contributing to the county’s economy by purchasing food and drink, fuel, services and accommodation spends on average £70.98 per day (STEAM 2018).

Monmouthshire’s tourism performance over the life of the previous plan displayed an encouraging 10% real growth in terms of economic impact, an increase of 8.7% in visitor numbers and a 1.5% growth in full-time jobs. The newly-approved Destination Management Plan has been developed following a review of the previous plan and is based on Monmouthshire’s best prospects for tourism growth as well as extensive consultation with stakeholders.

The Plan capitalizes on key opportunities for Monmouthshire, including its location at the gateway to Wales offering the chance to make a great first impression, especially now that Severn Bridge tolls have been removed. It also recognises Monmouthshire’s contribution to the Cardiff Capital Region’s City Deal and the overall growth target - set by the Welsh Government’s tourism organisation, Visit Wales - of 10% or more in the sector’s value by 2020.

Monmouthshire is a county defined by water – the Usk, Monnow, Wye, Severn and the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal shape our county and connect us with our neighbours. The inspirational landscapes, border-country heritage, intriguing creativity and tasty local produce give the area a very special character. The county’s name may sometimes be unfamiliar but within our borders are the internationally-recognised Brecon Beacons and Wye Valley. This plan is about defining what the county wants from tourism, renewing the way we work together, converting our assets into memorable experiences for visitors, and making sure visitors know about what we can offer. Above all it’s about making ‘Monmouthshire’ a mark of genuine and trusted tourism quality.

Download Monmouthshire's New Destination Management Plan 2017-2020

Further information on Destination Management in Wales can be found here https://businesswales.gov.wales/dmwales/destination-management

Volume and Value of Tourism in Monmouthshire

STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) is used to measure volume and value figures for tourism in Monmouthshire.

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Destination Bedstock Maps

As part of our annual STEAM survey we count all the accommodation on offer in Monmouthshire. We then put this accommodation into mapping software (removing all identifying data).