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Monmouthshire Filming Locations for Netflix's 'Sex Education'

Fans of the hit comedy series Sex Education on Netflix may have noticed something a bit familiar about the scenery, and that's because it's substantially shot in the Wye Valley, Monmouthshire & nearby. With season three out now on Netflix, we thought it a perfect time to take a look at how you can literally walk in the footsteps of Otis, Eric, Maeve and the gang.


Whilst the village Otis lives in is never named, tracking shots (and the location of their family store) heavily suggest it to be Llandogo in the Wye Valley. This scenic village is the 'next one up' from Tintern and offers beautiful views over the Wye Valley.


Otis and Eric are regularly seen crossing the Old Railway Bridge in Tintern to get to school (which is actually filmed 5 hours walk that's a long commute!). The Wye Valley railway was discontinued in the 60s but this railway bridge remains, as well as the Old Station a bit further up the valley.

Cefn Tilla Court

Cefn Tilla Court is a 17th Century country house between Usk & Raglan and was used in Season 2. Did you spot it? You can stay there yourself, try out clay pidgeon shooting & salmon fly fishing, or get married here.


Aimee's house is not technically in Monmouthshire, but does overlook it on the English side of the Wye Valley at Bigsweir House, an 18th century Grade II listed house. It's a private home, so you can't just pop in, but you'll get close as you drive up the Wye Valley and cross the river at Bigsweir Bridge.


Our county town of Monmouth is used in various scenes, including Eric's house and the fairground scenes on Vauxhall fields.

Symonds Yat

Whilst not tehnically in Monmouthshire, Symonds Yat is only a ten minute drive from Monmouth so we sometimes like to claim it... This is where you'll find Jean's chalet overlooking the river.


Another location that's not in Monmouthshire, but close enough for a visit, Caerleon's former University campus is the location for Moordale High. Caerleon is a former Roman town steeped in history and only a 15 minute drive from Usk or Magor. 

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