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Art in the High Renaissance online talk.

Zoom illustrated talks with popular local lecturer, Eleanor Bird, exploring art history with MonLife Heritage Museums

Monday evenings online course moves on through time to the 16th century

10 weekly sessions Mondays 7-8pm online via Zoom.

Starting Monday 26th September, half term Monday 31 October, ending Monday 5th December

Price £50

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This series of hour-long, online lectures explores art from the turn of the sixteenth century, as painters built on the technical and stylistic achievements of the Early Renaissance to create a newly rich and sophisticated style. In Italy, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael broke new boundaries with their complex exploration of composition and emotion while in the North, Albrecht Dürer became one of the first artistic superstars and portraitists such as Holbein recreated the real world with precision. In Venice Titian took the use of colour to new heights, while in Rome Michelangelo’s dramatic approach set up art for the bizarre challenge of Mannerism.

Join us to explore this rich and varied period, whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur.

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Art in the High Renaissance: From Subtlety to Shock


Online Zoom Lecture, Monmouthshire

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