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Circle of Legends
Circle of Legends

The Circle of Legends

“The Circle of Legends” is situated at the Old Station in Tintern. It consists of six wooden, life sized sculptures (5 made from oak and 1 from sweet chestnut) depicting 6 mystical or historical characters from Monmouthshire’s past.

Six trails have been devised by the Countryside Service to take you out into the beautiful county of Monmouthshire where you can discover more about the characters and the areas with which they had links.

Old Station Tintern

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Arthur's Trail

King Arthur's legend has long been debated, but there is a strong tradition linking him with South East Wales.

This trail explore that tradition on a 36 mile car journey starting in Monmouth, then heading to Tintern & Mathern before ending in the important Roman settlements of Caerwent & Caerleon.


Geoffrey was an early historian born about 1100, best known for his 'History of the Kings of Britain', creating the legend of King Arthur.

His trail takes you around the historic market town of Monmouth. It's a 1.75 mile walk on which you'll learn a little about Geoffrey & his links to Monmouth, as well as other interesting facts.


Offa's Trail

King Offa was one of the leading figures in Saxon history, best known for his dyke running for 182 miles from Prestatyn in North Wales to Sedbury (near Chepstow) in the South.

His trail starts and finishes at The Old Station, Tintern. It's a 5 mile circular walk on which youlll discover tales about the Devil and his Pulpit, enjoy fantastic views of Tintern Abbey and walk on the impressive Offa’s Dyke.


Eleanor's Trail

Eleanor was the Queen of Henry III and mother of Edward 1. Her influence can be seen at Grosmont Castle (with a chimney named after her) and Grosmont church.

This trail is a 1 mile walk around the historic village of Grosmont, allowing you to learn a little about Eleanor and her links to the area as well as interesting facts about the village.


Tewdric Trail Map

King Tewdrig was a 6th century King of Gwent who retired to live as a hermit in Tintern. When the Saxons invaded he returned to lead the army to success, but was mortally wounded in the battle near Tintern. He was taken to Mathern and died ad a place now called Tewdrig's Well.

His trail follows the last journey of Tewdrig from Tintern to Mathern, and is a strenuous 11 mile walk.

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