Walking Grades

Walking routes on this site are graded by their three key elements. They are, strenuousness, navigation and technicality. Each element has a level between 1 to 5, the easiest being 1 and the hardest being 5. The grades are allocated to routes under normal ground and weather conditions. However, as with all mountain activities, ground and weather conditions can deteriorate dramatically and make the routes considerably harder or in some cases impossible.


How much time and effort will this route demand of me?

  1. Part day - a morning, afternoon or a summer evening
  2. Short day - will take most of the day but you will be able to start late in the morning or finish early in the afternoon.
  3. Full day - you will need to start promptly in the morning and will not be finished till tea-time.
  4. Very full day - an early start and it will be into evening by the time you have finished.
  5. An epic day route or a multi-dayer - routes that could straddle a couple of days.


How difficult is the route to follow?

  1. Roads, unmade roads, forest and woodland roads, and way-marked path. All easy to follow. Miles Without Stiles routes are also included in this category.
  2. Valley, moor, hill or mountain paths which are normally clear but low cloud could affect your ability to follow paths.
  3. Almost pathless in valleys; less clear paths on moors, hills and mountains, but generally following clearly defined hill shapes.
  4. Some paths but not clear, not well used or some confusion possible.
  5. Open moorland, mountain plateau or crag without paths. Route confusion likely and close attention to navigation needed at all times.


How tricky will I find it?

  1. Easy walks in gentle countryside.
  2. Unthreatening slopes with no exposure.
  3. Typical fell walk - rough, rocky ground, bogs and steeper slopes.
  4. Steep, rough ground and scree. Occasional exposure.
  5. Hands required for at least one move - airy and steep throughout.