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If you would like to submit an event to Visit Monmouthshire, please fill out the form with the details of the event (* items are required).

*Top Tip* When searching for your venue, try typing just the venue name instead of the whole address, or one of the words in the venue name. Sometimes if you type the full address the correct venue might not show up.

If you cannot find your venue, please email with the venue name, full venue address and contact details. Once added, we will notify you.

Please note, an event cannot be submitted without a venue.

Visit Monmouthshire reserves the right to refuse submission.

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  • Under GDPR it is your responsibility to make sure the venue/event organiser is aware that their data is in the Guestlink database and that it may be used by UK organisations promoting tourism and local businesses. Privacy Policy
  • Your name and email address are required so we can respond to you following the submission of the event. These are not seen by the public.
  • Use the search to find the event's venue. If the specific venue cannot be found, use the nearest town or village.
  • The address of the event will be published as
  • The event may be published on these websites:
  • Enter a name to uniquely identify your event at this venue.
  • Select the best type to describe your event.
  • The minimum and maximum prices summarise the overall cost of attending the event; define in detail the specific prices in Price Notes, eg Child: £4, Adult: £10.
  • Select a suitable date range for the event; this should normally be no more than 30 days. Use the event time notes, for extra information, eg Doors open 30 mins before performance.
  • Date RangeEvent Time (if known)
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  • Images must be at least 300px x 225px and will be automatically resized.
  • An email will confirm the event submission, which will be reviewed and we will email you the result.
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